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Improve Your Heater’s Efficiency Before Winter

Monday, December 12th, 2016

Winter is still a few days away, and here in Casselberry, FL, it’s not exactly going to be a frozen wasteland. Even so, you’re going to be using your heater much more often than normal, which means higher bills and increased wear on the system. Some of that is inevitable, but just because you pay more to keep your home comfortable in the winter doesn’t mean you need to pay more than you should. You can improve your heating system’s efficiency before winter hits with the judicious installation of an upgrade to your existing system. We’ve provided a brief list of options below.

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Why Zone Control Is Good for You and Your HVAC System Year-Round

Monday, September 21st, 2015

Trying to make your entire home completely comfortable with a single thermostat can be a challenge for many households for many reasons. There’s individual preferences, the possibility of specialized architecture like floor-to-ceiling windows, or trying to evenly cool or heat multiple floors. No matter the challenge, we have a great solution: a zone control system.

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Why Should I Consider a Zone Control System for My Air Conditioner?

Monday, June 15th, 2015

Some homes are fine having a single thermostat to cool the homes, but many other homes have the challenge of uneven cooling throughout the day because of daytime heat gain or specialized architecture. If you have trouble keeping all the areas of your home in Orlando, FL, cool and comfortable, you may want to consider the installation of a zone control system.

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What Can a Zone Control System Do for My Air Conditioning?

Friday, August 8th, 2014

An air conditioning system is a necessity for most homeowners in Orange County, FL. But if your air conditioner costs you too much to run every month, or if your family members often complain about the temperature in the home, you may not be getting the most enjoyment possible out of your AC system.

Installing a zone control system can help you take advantage of your air conditioning system by keeping family members more comfortable and saving you money. We’ll go over the benefits in more detail later on, but first we’ll look at how zone control works together with your air conditioning system to give you greater control.

How Does Zone Control Work?

Zone control systems involve the installation of dampers throughout the ductwork in a home. These dampers open and close to adjust the amount of airflow through the ducts. Dampers are installed in each area of the home for which you need more control. Each damper is wired to a particular thermostat that controls only that specific zone and to a master thermostat that controls every zone at once.

What are the Benefits of Zone Control Systems?

Zone control is the best way to increase the efficiency and performance of your air conditioner without installing a new AC system. The benefits of zone control systems include increased comfort and energy savings.

  • Comfort: Sometimes, family members disagree about what the temperature should be in a home. Also, many homes have cooler or warmer areas that need advanced temperature control for consistency throughout the home. With a zone control system, each area of the home is managed with its own thermostat. You can choose to use a master thermostat to keep the temperature consistent throughout the home, or each person can adjust the temperature to his or her own preference in separate areas of the home.
  • Savings: Zone control systems can also save you a lot of money every month. If nobody uses the upstairs rooms throughout the day, for example, you may choose to save money by keeping the air turned off or raising the temperature in the daytime.

For zone control and other upgrades your air conditioning in Orange County, FL, call Downtown Air & Heat today!

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