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Serving the greater Orlando area

24 hr Emergency Service


Serving the greater Orlando area

24 hr Emergency Service


    We have a small but dedicated staff! Please call 407-408-7105 for faster service after hours and on the weekend. Inbox monitored M-F, 8-5 ONLY.


The best Contractors we have had work with us in years. Polite, clean, thorough.

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HVAC Thermostats In Orlando FL

As small and compact as it is, your thermostat is one of the major components of any heating and cooling system. It is the primary user interface for your HVAC system, and it is the one way that you are able to adjust the temperature of your home. It’s vital, therefore, to have a thermostat capable of taking care of your needs, whatever they may be. Downtown Air and Heat can advise you on new thermostat installation, or a quick replacement for your existing model, whether it has become ineffective or is obsolete.

Our NATE–certified thermostat technicians can handle any HVAC need you may have, from a quick thermostat swap to comprehensive heating and cooling systems. We can make sure that your new programmable or smart thermostat integrates perfectly into your heating and cooling systems, and that it works well for years to come. All of our work comes with a 1–year guarantee, and you can trust us to deliver a quality product every time. Call Downtown Air and Heat today for quality thermostat services in Orlando, FL and the surrounding area.

The Orlando thermostat experts at Downtown Air and Heat offer quality installation and replacement services throughout the Central Florida area.

Your Thermostat Options

It’s good to have options. But you may find it difficult to figure out what type of thermostat is right for your home. Most importantly, you need to ensure that you have a quality HVAC contractor who is willing to spend the time to figure out your heating and cooling preferences. We offer a wide selection of thermostats and we can find one that works well for your home.


A digital thermostat is the new standard for HVAC systems, and it makes a great simple option for homeowners not looking for anything fancy. It’s easier to read and adjust than previous manual options, and it’s also more accurate.


Digital thermostats often have a programmability feature that allows you to create a schedule of heating and cooling for your home. This allows you to cut down on unnecessary energy consumption.


A smart or wifi–enabled thermostat is the ultimate in comfort and convenience. It gives you remote control over your heating and cooling system.

Thermostat Installation Services

No matter how good or advanced your thermostat is, it’s still only as good as its installation. At Downtown Air and Heat, we can make sure that your new thermostat works well for years to come, and that you know exactly how to use it. We can select a model based on your preferences and budget, and make sure that it communicates properly with the rest of your HVAC system. We can even pair a zone controlled system with multiple thermostats for versatile control over your entire indoor climate. Make sure you hire a thermostat installation professional at Downtown Air and Heat today. Give us a call to schedule thermostat service in Orlando, FL and the surrounding area.

Call Downtown Air and Heat for professional thermostat services.

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