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Serving the greater Orlando area

24 hr Emergency Service


Serving the greater Orlando area

24 hr Emergency Service


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AC Installation

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AC Installation in Orlando, FL

Florida has some of the warmest temperatures throughout the United States, so air conditioning is essential. Your central air conditioning system must be sufficient to combat the humidity of this weather. In general, Florida is known for hurricanes and high humidity. But no matter how crazy the weather is, people love being here. That’s why it’s important to think about your comfort as well as the comfort and health of everyone who lives in and visits your Florida home. Having a functioning air conditioner in central Florida will help during the summer heat to provide cooling comfort. At Downtown Air and Heat, we provide numerous air conditioning services to residents and homeowners in the Orlando, Florida area. So, you can keep enjoying your home and stay comfortable no matter the weather outside.

Orlando residents have trusted us for years to provide regular maintenance on their air-conditioning installation.

How much does Central Air Conditioning installation cost?

If you live in Orlando, Florida, you should give us a call so we can provide you with an estimate for your air conditioner installation. How much you spend on your installation is going to depend on several factors, including:

  • The air conditioner manufacturer and model of the unit

  • The size of the house you’re buying the air conditioner for

  • If the architectural structure of your home requires any special air conditioning considerations

  • The condition of your existing air ducts

The time of year you choose your installation can also play a part in the air conditioner installation cost. Our air conditioner installation team gets very busy just before the hottest season in central Florida, so you want to try to schedule your installation in the cooler months. In Florida, that’s also the best time to schedule your regular air conditioning maintenance. Orlando homes will greatly benefit from an air conditioner installation.

Orlando FL Air Conditioner Installation

Florida residents can choose from three common types of air conditioner units. When choosing a new air conditioning system, ask a professional AC installer for their opinion. 

Traditional Split System

Most conventional air–conditioning types rely on ducts to distribute the air. 

Ductless Mini–split Systems

A ductless mini–split system: This system uses one or more indoor air conditioner units, each connected to an outdoor compressor. They are strategically positioned throughout your home, so they don’t use ducts to distribute air. They can save you money if you don’t already have a system of air conditioning ducts in your home. These are popular in older homes in states that don’t have Florida’s heat.

Geothermal Systems

While these have been in existence for over sixty years, you don’t commonly see geothermal systems around Florida. These systems use geothermal heat to warm homes during the winter and pump hot air from the home during the summer months.  

Before deciding on your air conditioner installation, we discuss your options, discuss the details of the air conditioner system you are considering, and review which old system we are removing. On the day that we complete the air conditioner installation, we will give you a call to let you know that we are on our way to alert you. 

Much of our work may be outside because, in most Florida homes, that’s where most units are. We start by removing any equipment from your existing air conditioner system and properly disposing of it. After about a day of working on your air conditioner installation, you’ll start to feel way cooler. 

How do I prepare my Florida home for an air conditioner installation?

We advise that you clear a path for our contractors to be able to work. We will need a place to park our truck and an area to walk through that is clear of clutter or obstacles so we have room to function. To achieve optimal customer satisfaction for your Orlando AC installation, we need the proceeding areas to be clear so that we can properly prepare your new air conditioner or air conditioner replacement. Any toys, rugs, furniture, or other items that can prevent a service technician from getting to the vents should be removed for the duration of the air conditioner installation. 

How long will the air conditioner installation take? 

Installation of a full AC system could take an entire day — typically between four hours and eight hours. Because larger Florida homes tend to require more than one unit to cool the entire house efficiently, it will take longer if you install a new unit in a home with 10,000 square feet, for example, instead of 3,000 square feet.

It also depends on what type of air conditioning system you have installed. If you are doing a change–out, substituting an older AC unit for a newer one, then that may take a full day. But if you are installing a completely new system, including the thermostats and ductwork must be replaced, or if our technicians need to remove asbestos, then this could take up to three days. Overall, Orlando AC installation is subjective to the Orlando homeowner’s needs.

AC maintenance

All Orlando FL residents know that Florida gets unbearably hot fast. If your air conditioner stops working, you don’t have a day or two to wait for a technician to help you out. If you are a parent of children, you may be especially worried about their health and dehydration if your air conditioner suddenly stops working. 

Fortunately, having your air conditioner regularly maintained will mean that you can catch problems before they become major issues. For example, let’s say there is a minor issue with your air conditioning unit, and one of your hoses gets clogged. A technician from Downtown Air and Heat can unclog that hose before it causes permanent damage to the rest of the air conditioning system. However, the ramifications of letting a clogged hose go for too long could be severe. If cold air is getting trapped, it could freeze the compressor and cause it to malfunction. 

Preventive maintenance is recommended for your AC unit to alleviate the bottleneck of frequent repairs and the need for an air conditioner replacement. AC repair is great momentarily, but if issues consistently arise, replacement services are the best option as they will provide free estimates for your AC replacement. It is imperative to contact an experienced technician to obtain advice if your unit requires a simple AC repair or an entire air conditioner replacement.

Why Downtown Air and Heat

Orlando residents have trusted us for years to provide installations for new AC systems, regular maintenance on existing equipment, and repairs or replacements when necessary. In Florida, it gets way too hot to be sitting around waiting for someone to fix your air conditioning unit. We are Florida residents at Downtown Air and Heat too, and we know how frustrating it is when your air conditioning doesn’t work. We understand that you have children, elderly loved ones, or other dependents that you need to take care of and lives that you need to lead. You most likely don’t want to be waiting for a repair person for something as vital as your air conditioning unit. We offer same–day emergency service to our Orlando neighbors who need urgent repairs on their Orlando system. Give us a call today for your air conditioner installation in Florida.

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