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Why Get Your Commercial Air Conditioner Serviced?

Monday, June 13th, 2016

Orlando, FL is based around a tourist economy, which means that businesses want their customers to be as cool and comfortable as possible before visiting Mickey Mouse and Harry Potter. If you run a business in the area, that means your commercial AC is a vital lifeline for your business. If it does down in the heat of the summer, your customers will happily depart and find someone else to meet their needs: costing you a huge amount each and every day it goes without fixing.

A good commercial air conditioning service can perform repairs on a moment’s notice, but far better than performing repairs is preventing the problem from occurring in the first place. For that, you need a quality air conditioning maintenance session, performed once or twice a year from a trained professional. It’s less of a repair than a tune-up: taking care of a lot of little problems and keeping an eye out for bigger ones.

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Benefits of Air Conditioning Maintenance

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

Whether you own a heat pump, ductless mini split, or central air conditioner, you rely on it to provide adequate performance on a daily basis during the long cooling season. You need to make sure that it is both effective and efficient so that you can remain comfortable without breaking the bank. While taking care of any repair needs as they arise is critical to the integrity of your AC, your system also needs to be routinely cleaned and adjusted so that it works well for years to come. At Downtown Air and Heat, we provide excellent air conditioning maintenance in Orlando, FL for our customers because we know how critical it is to have a reliable air conditioner. Call us today for all of your air conditioning needs in Orlando, FL.

The benefits of professional air conditioning maintenance are numerous, but here are the most prominent:

  • Improved system longevity. The integrity of your AC depends upon its cleanliness, and whether or not it has the correct voltage and refrigerant levels. Over time, your system will endure an incredible amount of wear and tear, and high-end and budget systems alike can be negatively affected by dirt, dust, and other debris. With pro maintenance services, however, you can make sure that you give your AC the best chance to perform as it should.
  • Better energy efficiency. Running an air conditioner all summer long is expensive. Even owners of high efficiency systems know that much. The best way to keep your bills as low as possible is by having your system cleaned. When your AC gets clogged with debris, then it cannot give you the performance you deserve.
  • Quality performance. It’s important to have your AC system routinely maintained if for no other reason than it will perform better. Your system will be less hampered by deficiencies and debris accumulation. In turn, it will be able to combat the high heat and humidity of a Florida summer.

Let Downtown Air and Heat handle your air conditioning maintenance needs. Our NATE-certified Orlando air conditioning technicians can make sure that your entire AC works well.

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