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Serving the greater Orlando area

24 hr Emergency Service


Serving the greater Orlando area

24 hr Emergency Service


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Air Conditioning Repair

His team came in and professionally installed the whole system, replacing and sterilizing the ductwork, and cleaning up very well after all of the drywall work and repairs.

- Sean S

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AC Repair in Orlando, FL

Air conditioner repair is an essential AC service for residents and property owners in Orlando, FL. Florida isn’t just hot. It’s humid, too. From wear and tear to damaged components, many issues could mean it’s time for AC repair in Orlando.

Common Reasons Why You Need AC Repair in Florida

There are a couple of pieces in your system that could trigger the need for an air conditioning repair or replacement, ensuring your AC is operating efficiently.

The Fan

Fans move air throughout your system. There is a motor that requires lubricant, and dirt accumulating near it can be an issue. If you’re in the Orlando, Florida area, we can come out and clean your AC fans to get them working properly.

Clogged Hoses

If the AC’s hoses are clogged, you could have water buildup in your system that could lead to leaks in your walls and ceiling. Those leaks can lead to mold growth, which would be a major undertaking to correct. If you notice issues with your AC’s hoses, give us a call.

Corroded Coils

This is a common issue in Central Florida and a frequent cause of air conditioner repair. The evaporator and condenser use coils that can become dirty or corrode over time. Dirt in the system can cause the machinery to malfunction.

Broken Thermostat

A broken thermostat doesn’t mean that your system will shut off. You may notice that it still runs, but you can’t change the temperature. This could lead to a big waste of energy and a huge electric bill. We offer thermostat repair and replacement. If the only thing wrong with your AC unit is a broken thermostat, it can save you a lot of money.

Indoor Air Quality

If you have noticed that the air quality in your home is subpar, there may be something wrong with your air conditioner. You may just have to change the filter. However, the filter frame may be loose or seated improperly. If this is the case, a new filter will not fix the problem. If you haven’t changed the filter in a while, the condenser coils may become frozen and cause poor airflow.

Cost of An Air Conditioner Repair in Florida

The cost of an air conditioning repair in Florida depends on several factors. You could be looking at repairs that range from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand depending on the size of your home and type of unit.

Other factors that influence the price of AC repair include:

  • The age of your unit
  • The size of your air conditioner
  • The parts needed

Preventing Issues with Air Conditioners

The best way to prevent a costly AC repair in Florida is to have your air conditioning system checked annually and whenever an issue arises. We provide the following air conditioner maintenance services to residents in Orlando, FL:

  • Thermostat evaluation and calibration
  • Checking and clearing the condensation line
  • Changing and cleaning your air filter
  • Lubricating moving parts to prevent friction

If you live in Orlando, FL, Downtown Air and Heat can repair your air conditioner within hours of your call. We are one of the top air conditioner repair companies in the state of Florida.

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Conditioning Repair

What is the average lifespan of an AC Unit in Orlando, FL?

The average lifespan of an AC unit in Orlando, FL is anywhere between eight to 14 years. However, in coastal cities with more salt in the air, an air conditioner may last between five and seven years. The more often you have your air conditioning system inspected and repaired when necessary, the longer the equipment will run smoothly.

How often should I service my air conditioner?

You should service your air conditioning systems at least once a year. Without annual maintenance, there is a higher risk of breakage, leading to extra costs. You should clean or change your air filters once every six months to maintain indoor air quality and avoid the accumulation of dust inside the system.

Is it worth it to have air conditioning repairs?

In most cases, having an air conditioning repair is worthwhile. You can save money with an AC repair, especially if the unit is relatively new. There are other situations when parts of the air conditioning systems break, and it costs more to repair them. If the unit is older than ten years, it might be better to replace it.

How do I know when my air conditioner needs to be replaced?

The most obvious hint that you need to replace your equipment is a constant need for air conditioning repair. Another sign is when you notice the energy efficiency decreasing. By upgrading to a newer unit, you get access to new technologies that can cool your home better while paying less for new parts if you need to replace them.

Why is my AC running but not cooling?

The most common reason why your AC is running but not cooling is a dirty air filter, which doesn’t allow cool air to pass easily. There can also be an issue with the condenser or its coils, which can be clogged or damaged by debris. A refrigerant leak can also damage the whole system.

AC Repaired by Orlando Air Conditioning Experts

Downtown Air and Heat in Orlando provides quality HVAC services for your air conditioning and heating systems. Downtown Air and Heat provides service to the Sand Lake area as well. If you are experiencing trouble with your HVAC system, request an estimate or schedule a service with us. Contact Orlando AC repair to receive a consultation for the next repair on your AC systems.

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