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Watch for These Heating and Cooling Issues This Thanksgiving

Monday, November 21st, 2016

Thanksgiving is upon us, and just because the weather in Winter Park, FL stays much warmer than it does in the rest of the country, that doesn’t mean you won’t have concerns with your HVAC system if you’re going to be entertaining guests in your home this year. Proper heating and cooling is essential to a comfortable home, and you want your guests to be as comfortable as possible when they come to visit.

A little foresight and some judicious use of your thermostat can eliminate potential issues and ensure that everyone feels at their best. It may mean operating your heater or your air conditioning, depending on the weather on Thursday (or later in the year, if you’re hosting anyone in December).

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Now is the Time to Address Trouble with Your Ducts

Monday, October 3rd, 2016

Most homes in Winter Park, FL rely on traditional forced air systems to stay cool during the summer months, which most residents know can stretch well into the fall. Older systems begin to show the strain this time of year, after months of regular service and with plenty more warm days still to come in 2016. That can extend to your duct system too, which is charged with carrying cool air from the AC itself to the various corners of your homes. If you can spot the signs of trouble in your ducts, now is an excellent time to address the problem.

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Signs of Trouble with a Commercial Ice Maker

Monday, September 26th, 2016

We live in a tourist economy here in Winter Park, FL, and if you own or operate a restaurant, that means you need a commercial ice maker to help your business run. Ice not only makes drinks cool, it can provide vital help in keeping food cold. When your ice maker runs into problems, it can shut your entire business down. Even a day can prove disastrous. The good news is that there’s a trained service which can fix your ice maker swiftly and properly, in order to get your operation back up to sped again. But how can you spot the signs of trouble with a commercial ice maker? Here’s a few telltale signs.

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Why Is Sizing Part of Heating Installation Service?

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

Properly sizing a heater is a very important part of installing a new heating system. Though homeowners almost never think about this when shopping for a new system, the size of the heater will drastically affect how well their home is actually heated. You may be tempted to think that the old adage “bigger is better” would apply here, but that is not the case. A heater that is too large can be just as bad for your home as a heater that is too small. Let’s take a look at what can happen if you ignore sizing during your heating installation.

Oversized Heaters

Oversized heaters often waste a great deal of energy by putting out more heat than the home actually needs. This doesn’t seem like that much of a disadvantage, but the picture becomes clear when you consider specific systems like furnaces and boilers. Any combustion based system is equipped with what is called a “limit switch,” which is responsible for monitoring the central heater’s internal temperature. If that internal temperature gets too high, the limit switch activates and shuts down the system as a safety measure.

An oversized heater will naturally provoke the limit switch, due to its heat output being much higher than the limit the system is naturally set for. This causes the limit switch to shut down the system in order to stop what it reads as the heater overheating. Once the heater has cooled off a bit, it will start up again and provoke the limit switch to shut it down again. This endless on/off cycle is called “short-cycling,” and wastes a great deal of heat while shortening your system’s life.

Undersized Heaters

Far from provoking the overheating safety measures, undersized heaters simply lack the ability to heat the entire home to a satisfactory degree. Instead, they will turn on and stay on for longer and longer periods of time, trying to reach the thermostat temperature when it is completely beyond them. This leads to early burnouts and breakdowns for the heater, as well as wasting quite a bit of energy.

If you’d like to know more, call Downtown Air & Heat. We provide heating services in Winter Park.

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How Can I Get the Most Out of My Air Conditioning System?

Friday, May 16th, 2014

You’ve installed an energy-efficient air conditioning system, learned about your air conditioner and are ready for summer. But there are some additional steps you can take, with the help of your Downtown Air & Heat expert, which can help you get the most from your air conditioning in Winter Park:

Change Your Air Filter Regularly

Your air filter helps to remove dust, dirt and allergens from the air going through your AC system. As such, it can become clogged with these things when your system is in use. By changing your air filter regularly, your air flow can stay clean and at the level it needs to be.

Bi-Annual Maintenance

Springtime provides a window of opportunity to help maintain your air conditioner. Typical maintenance visits include cleaning, inspection and testing of your system to make sure it is running optimally for the summer. Regular maintenance is a great way to maintain the health of your system and help increase its longevity.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

Your thermostat controls when your air conditioning system turns on and off, a great tool for property owners not home during certain times of the day. By utilizing pre-programmed settings, your air conditioner will work when you want it to, helping to create a level of efficiency.

Install a Zoning System

Zoning systems can be of help to properties with inconsistent room temperatures due to daytime heat, placement on a higher floor or high ceilings. Zoning allows for different rooms to be set at different temperatures instead of having a single temperature setting for the whole property. You can also turn down/off the air conditioning to spaces that aren’t being used while continuing to cool the ones that are in use.

Seal All Cooling and Heating Ducts

Over time, the seals around your ductwork can become cracked. When this happens, air from your system can escape, reducing the amount of cool air going into your home. By having your ductwork checked, you can get ahead of any seals that may be starting to wear.

Your air conditioner can help give you relief from the heat while also being energy-efficient. If you need help determining how to maximize your AC’s performance, call Downtown Air & Heat today and schedule an appointment for your air conditioning in Winter Park.

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Watch for These 3 Repair Warning Signs from Your AC

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

The weather is already warm here in Winter Park, and summer hasn’t even arrived yet. Now is the time to make sure that your air conditioner doesn’t have any malfunctions that require repairs before the big summer heat hits.

You have probably already turned on your AC, or you will within the next few weeks, so pay close attention to any signs from it that all may not be well. Here are three warning signs that you need to call for professional service for your air conditioner—or risk enduring some uncomfortable days during the summer while waiting for emergency repairs.

Downtown Air & Heat has 24-hour emergency response for your air conditioning repairs in Winter Park, FL. With our staff on the job, you won’t have to worry about getting your air conditioner ready in time for the first week of 90°F+ temperatures.

1. Unusual noises from the cabinet

Any sound that is different from the standard noises of a running air conditioner—the fans, the compressor, the draining of excess moisture—needs investigating right away. Grinding and groaning warns of motor failure, hissing of escaping refrigerant, rattling of loose components, screeching of fraying fan belts, and clanging of bent fan blades. Have repair specialists track down the cause and remedy it.

2. Acrid, burning smells from the vents

When the air coming from the room vents takes on a burning smell, it often indicates that one of the motors is wearing down and will need replacement. The smell might also mean excessive dust and dirt along the ductwork, and in this case you should schedule professional duct cleaning.

3. Sudden spikes in electricity bills

You should always pay close attention to your energy bills every month, since sudden fluctuations can indicate otherwise hidden problems. Look over your current spring electrical bills, and then compare them to the bills from the same period last year. Accounting for regular inflation, the costs should be similar. If your current bill shows a steep rise, then your air conditioner might be working inefficiently due to a malfunction. Have professionals diagnose the issue and find how to fix it.

Along with any necessary repairs, you should schedule annual maintenance for the AC. Spring is the standard time for homeowners to have this done, since it helps prepare the system for the stresses of summer. During a maintenance session, a technician will go over all the components of the air conditioning and check electrical connections, the thermostat, airflow, and general efficiency. If there are any repairs that you need to have done, the technician will inform you of them and help you arrange to fix them.

Trust to Downtown Air & Heat for your air conditioning repair service in Winter Park, FL. We also have a maintenance program that will take care of your air conditioner in spring and your heater in winter, plus a 15% discount on all repairs and priority service scheduling.

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