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Serving the greater Orlando area

24 hr Emergency Service


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Consider a Heat Pump When Installing a New Air Conditioner

When it’s time to have a new air conditioning installation in Winter Garden, FL, you don’t actually have to put in a new AC. We don’t mean you should go without electro-mechanical cooling for the summer. You can have the same quality of cool air vented through your home, except instead of coming from a standard air conditioning system, a heat pump will take care of the job.

The name “heat” may sound like this is a bad choice for summer weather. But the name heat pump only describes the action of these appliances: they pump heat from one location to another. Air conditioners do the same job, moving heat from indoors to the outdoors. Heat pump take it to the next step, since they can also move heat from the outdoors to the indoors. In other words, a heat pump is an air conditioner that can change the direction it operates, working as both a cooling and heating system.

Here are some of the reasons you should put a heat pump on your list of possible replacements for your old air conditioner. To learn more, contact Downtown Air & Heat today and speak to our AC specialists.

Reasons a heat pump might your best choice for comfort

  • You won’t sacrifice cooling: Although a heat pump does two jobs, that doesn’t lessen the effectiveness of the cooling side. A heat pump works as well in cooling mode as an air conditioner of comparable size. You won’t experience a drop in your comfort during the summer heat if you have the right size heat pump installed.
  • You’ll have effective heating: One of the few drawbacks of heat pumps is that they lose efficiency in heating mode if the temperature outdoor drops too low (below freezing). Heat pumps must absorb outdoor heat, and this becomes difficult in extreme cold weather. However, this is almost never a problem in Florida, so you can expect to eliminate your old heating system as well as your current air conditioning system when you install a heat pump.
  • You’ll have lower heating bills: You can expect to pay about the same for your cooling as you would with an AC. With heating, however, you will see around a 30% savings with a heat pump compared to systems like gas and electric furnaces, as studied have demonstrated. The secret of the efficiency of a heat pump is that is doesn’t expend energy to burn fuel in order to heat up the air. It uses electricity to run mechanical parts that move heat, and this requires less power.

Reasons you might not want a heat pump

The truth of the situation is that no home comfort system is perfect for every home. Your home may get by with its current AC/heater set up, and the extra expense of a heat pump won’t benefit you that much.

To find out if your home is suited for a heat pump, call Downtown Air & Heat today for an appointment. We will find you the ideal air conditioning installation in Winter Garden, FL.

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