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Serving the greater Orlando area

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Serving the greater Orlando area

24 hr Emergency Service


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Heat Pump Installation

I am very pleased with the entire process: good people providing good product and service at a reasonable price equals good value. Thank you.

- Steve P

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Heat Pump Installation in Orlando, FL

If you live in Orlando, Florida, you know that having a well-cooled home is a necessity. If your air conditioner breaks down, it could be an emergency. It can take days to get an appointment with an HVAC repair person. Going without air conditioning for so long is not only unpleasant, but it can also be dangerous.

A heat pump is an alternative to traditional air conditioning. It can both heat and cool a home. An air conditioner only provides cool air to a home. It has to be paired with a furnace to create a complete HVAC system. Downtown Air and Heat can install a heat pump at a reasonable price.

How Heat Pumps Work

A heat pump is a type of AC system that can heat or cool a space. A heat pump transports warm air from where it is not needed to where it is.

In cooler climates, a heat pump extracts heat from outside and brings it inside. When the weather is hot, the pump changes directions and works like an air conditioner removing heat from the home.


A heat pump consists of two main components — an indoor air handler and an outdoor unit similar to a conditioner. A compressor sits inside the outdoor unit. It circulates refrigerant that soaks up and exudes heat when it moves between the outdoor and indoor units.

The air handler controls the air in a home. It blows cold or hot air through your home.

There is little difference between the way an air conditioner cools your home and the way a heat pump does. However, the way a heat pump keeps a home warm is a bit different than the way a furnace would.

A heat pump uses electricity to transfer heat back and forth. A furnace uses fuel to make heat. A heat pump is a more energy–efficient option. If you are concerned with the environmental impact of your cooling system, know that a heating pump creates no emissions whatsoever.

What Is Involved in Heat Pump Installation?

Selecting the Correct Size

Before installation, we figure out the size of the heat pump that you need. We come to your home at your convenience to take measurements. The duct system of a home can only move a certain amount of air effectively. The size of the heat pump we install depends on the amount of air that can move through that system.

Fixing Leaks

It is a good idea to get new insulation before installing a heat pump. We will fix leaks before the installation to make sure that your new heat pump is as energy efficient as possible.

Selecting a Type of Heat Pump

There are two types of heat pumps — ground and air. As the name suggests, air heat pumps use the air outside of a structure as the source of heat. Geothermal heat pumps, also known as ground systems, draw heat from an underground source. This type of heat pump can be expensive. We have to install pipes in the ground to make it work properly. Although they may be more expensive than regular heat pumps, they are known for their efficiency.

Pros of Heat Pumps

There are advantages and disadvantages to anything, and heat pumps are no exception. You should know the pros and cons of heat pumps before you decide to buy one.

Fewer Carbon Emissions

Getting a new heat pump installation will help you reduce your carbon emission. You may not be able to afford locally–sourced food, and you may need your car to get to work in the morning, but a heat pump is less expensive than an air conditioner.

Cost Effectiveness

A heat pump system will save you money over time because they take less energy to operate. Orlando is an expensive place to live with plenty of fun things to do. You don’t want to spend all your money keeping your house comfortable. We do our best to keep heat pump installation costs fair and reasonable.


Heating pumps run on electricity instead of fuel. Fuel is combustible, and there are rare occasions when an air conditioner can catch fire.

Less Maintenance

An air conditioning system requires annual professional maintenance. When you have a heat pump, you may be able to perform annual maintenance yourself.


Before you make your final decision, you should know that there are a few heat pump problems you should be aware of.

Permission May Be Required

Before you call for heat pump services, make sure that you do not need special permission to install one. This is especially true if you want to get a ground–sourced heat pump. You want to check with the zoning board in your community. You should also ensure that your homeowner’s association does not have a problem with it.

More Labor Is Required During Installation

Installation can be disruptive to the enjoyment of your home, and it may take more than a single day. We may have to drill holes in walls and dig up a plant or two in the yard. Heat pumps are difficult to install, and you need a trained HVAC technician to handle the job.

It Is Not Completely Earth Friendly

There are a few ways to cool your home that are entirely earth friendly. Even if you relied on nothing more than ceiling fans, you would still use electricity, which is not good for the environment. A heat pump uses fluids for the heat transference process. The fluids are not always biodegradable.


Will a heat pump keep the house warm if the weather gets cold?

Yes. As long as it is installed properly and you use the appropriate filter, you can heat your home.

How do I maintain a heat pump?

There are several things you should do to make sure your heat pump is running smoothly. You should replace the filter as often as the manufacturer recommends and clean the unit occasionally. Dirt, mud, and leaves can get into your unit and cause clogging.

What is the ideal temperature to set the thermostat?

It is best not to set the thermostat below 70 degrees for air conditioning. If you do, it can cause damage to the inner coils. It is best to keep it at a consistent temperature.

Why You Should Hire Us

Downtown Air and Heat’s air conditioning experts have years of experience in heat pump installation and replacement. We can recommend the right heat pump for you. When you call us for a free consultation, we can tell you about all of your heat pump options.

We are a family–owned and operated business that is known for its reliable service. We are committed to keeping down energy costs for our customers and improving the air quality in their homes.

When you call us to schedule a service, we can discuss our installation process with you. If you live in the Orlando area and are considering a new cooling system, call us today.

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