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Serving the greater Orlando area

24 hr Emergency Service


Serving the greater Orlando area

24 hr Emergency Service


Thank you Shawn. I was very impressed and satisfied by your service and attention to details others did not provide. You Exceeded my expectations and would have no problem referring you to anyone needing your services.

- Ray R

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Why Doesn’t My AC Have Enough Power?

It’s getting pretty toasty here in Orlando, FL, and the temperature is only going to go up. If you’ve turned on your air conditioner and noticed that it doesn’t seem to be blowing as much air as it should, there are a few reasons for this. Instead of trying to muddle through your system to discover the problem yourself, call the experts at Downtown Air & Heat. We can assist you with any AC repair you may have, and we have emergency service available around the clock. Call us today!

Where’d the Power Go?

There are a number of reasons why your air conditioner may not be cooling as you need it to, and here are three of the more common reasons this can happen:

  • A dirty air filter – dirty air filters can cause tremendous problems with your system because, when air filters are clogged enough, they can seriously restrict the air flow in your system. Restricted air flow can lead to low air volume, high energy bills and icing. It’s recommended that you change your air filter every three months to avoid the issues that can develop from a dirty one.
  • Low refrigerant – low refrigerant is usually caused by a leak somewhere in your system, and many times leaks can be undetectable because they can develop in a variety of places in your system. Why do leaks cause problems? Your system needs an exact amount of refrigerant to work properly, and once the refrigerant level drops, your AC can no longer work as needed.
  • Fan problems – there are two fans in your air conditioner: the condenser fan and the evaporator fan. These fans help with air flow and with the heat release and cooling process, so when an issue develops with either fan, the result can be less cooling for your home.

If you aren’t getting the cooling you need from your AC, give the specialists at Downtown Air & Heat a call!

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