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Serving the greater Orlando area

24 hr Emergency Service


Serving the greater Orlando area

24 hr Emergency Service


I am very pleased with the entire process: good people providing good product and service at a reasonable price equals good value. Thank you.

- Steve P

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Why Do I Have to Change the Air Filter on My AC?

Every whole home ducted air conditioning system comes with an air filter, but unlike other components in your AC system, the air filter needs to be changed every three months. Why? The standard air filter that is part of your system collects dust and dirt, and within 3 months’ time, the amount of dust and dirt collected can be considerable. If you aren’t sure how to change your air filter, the trained experts at Downtown Air & Heat are here to help you.

Why Change It?

A number of different problems can develop when you don’t change your air filter as needed:

  • Low air volume – once your air filter is clogged and dirty, air can no longer pass through it freely. So, instead of filtering air, the air filter blocks air, decreasing the air flow in your entire system.
  • Icing – your air conditioner needs a certain amount of air flow to work, and when a clogged air filter restricts the air flow, an imbalance occurs in the heat release/cooling process. The result is an ice build-up that will only go away when the air filter is changed.
  • Poor indoor air quality – while your standard air filter does not have the job of improving your indoor air quality, once it is clogged and dirty, it will contribute to decreasing your indoor air quality. Why? A clogged air filter is too dirty to stop any dust and dirt from entering the system, so these particles will bypass the filter and head straight into your system’s air flow.
  • Breakdown – running your AC for a long period of time with a clogged air filter will eventually take a serious toll on the system and potentially result in breakdown.

The AC specialists at Downtown Air & Heat can show you how to correctly change your air filter so that it and your system work optimally in your Orlando, FL, home. Just give us a call today and schedule an appointment!

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