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Serving the greater Orlando area

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Serving the greater Orlando area

24 hr Emergency Service


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What Is Duct Sanitizing?

Your ductwork can become an unknowing host of a fair amount of unwelcome contaminants and debris. This is because ductwork is dark, can be moist, is out of sight (most of the time) and naturally draws contaminants into it with the flow of the air. As such, your ductwork can become a wonderful environment for biological growths like mold, mildew and fungus, not to mention a nice place to live for certain kinds of animals and insects. Speaking plainly, these issues can lead to adverse health and environmental conditions, which is why one of the professional duct services we offer for homes in Orlando is duct sanitizing.

Why Sanitize?

Duct cleaning is great for removing dust, dirt and sticking debris from your ductwork system. However, if some of the materials removed from your ductwork during a cleaning are biological in nature, including animal nests and droppings, a cleaning only removes the material; what you want is for any bacteria and dirt to be eradicated, and that’s where duct cleaning comes in.

What Is Used?

Chemical sanitizers are used to fully and correctly sanitize your ductwork. These chemicals are not harmful to humans in any way, but they are to biological contaminants. There are three main types of sanitizers used to clean your ductwork:

  • F.P. sanitizers – this type of sanitizer is a concentrated liquid; it is specifically used for sanitizing pre-cleaned surfaces in air ducts and air conditioning systems. F. P. sanitizers contain surfactants (compounds that act like detergents) that give them additional cleaning power. These types of sanitizers are labeled as safe by the EPA.
  • Microban – a commonly-used sanitizer, Microban is used to eradicate biological growths like mold, mildew and fungi, as well as viruses, bacteria and germs. This sanitizer is also labeled safe by the EPA.
  • EnviroCon – EnviroCon is used to eliminate odor-causing microorganisms and contaminants such as mold and mildew; it can also treat bacterial growth. EnviroCon eliminates odors via a chlorine dioxide release-process that destroys organisms at the cell level. EnviroCon has low toxicity and a good safety rating from the EPA.

Have you had unwelcome residents or unpleasant growths in your home’s ductwork? Then call the experts at Downtown Air & Heat and schedule an appointment for duct sanitizing services.

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