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Serving the greater Orlando area

24 hr Emergency Service


Serving the greater Orlando area

24 hr Emergency Service


Thank you Shawn. I was very impressed and satisfied by your service and attention to details others did not provide. You Exceeded my expectations and would have no problem referring you to anyone needing your services.

- Ray R

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Reasons to Consider Air Conditioning Replacement

Does your AC suffer from frequent repair needs? Does it no longer give you the performance and efficiency you need? There are plenty of good reasons to consider air conditioning replacement. The most important factor to keep in mind is your comfort. You need to ask yourself whether you’re comfortable with the existing arrangement, and then speak to a qualified Orlando, FL air conditioning replacement technician about what to do. When you deal with the air conditioning experts at Downtown Air and Heat in Orlando, FL we can provide you with an honest assessment of the state of your current AC and make sure that you find an excellent solution to your cooling problem. Call us today to learn more.

Here are a few reasons to consider air conditioning replacement:

  • Frequent repairs. The first and major sign that an air conditioning replacement may be imminent is if you’re paying to repair your AC constantly. Frequent repair needs are often a sign that you should consider replacing your system. It may make more financial sense to invest in a new system than an old one.
  • Energy inefficiency. If you want to make certain that your AC operates efficiently, then you need to make sure that it is routinely cleaned and adjusted. But there may come a time when your AC no longer works as efficiently as it once did. This is an important consideration because you could save substantial amounts of energy over the long term.
  • Old age. Your AC may be ready to retire. Nothing lasts forever, especially not mechanical systems like your air conditioner. Over time, its components develop problems and the debris that builds up can hamper operational efficiency and performance. Whether your AC is still technically working or not, it’s important to recognize that you have may have to replace your AC soon so that you can be prepared for when the time comes. You may want to upgrade to a high efficiency system or a ductless mini split.

Make sure you contact one of the Orlando, FL air conditioning replacement experts at Downtown Air and Heat today to discuss whether your system is ready for an overhaul.

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