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Serving the greater Orlando area

24 hr Emergency Service


Serving the greater Orlando area

24 hr Emergency Service


I am very pleased with the entire process: good people providing good product and service at a reasonable price equals good value. Thank you.

- Steve P

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Is It Important to Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance Today?

“Should I schedule my annual air conditioning maintenance today?”

“Well, I just looked up our weather forecast for the next two weeks. We can expect some rain, and then temperature will start rising back into the 80s, with a chance of highs in the 90s.”


“So, yes, it’s very important that you schedule air conditioning maintenance as soon as possible.”

This short conversation is a way of reminding you how soon summer weather begins in Florida. You certainly have already turned on your air conditioner a few times in the last month, and you can expect it to stay on much longer this month. Spring is the best time to have regular maintenance done on an AC to make sure that it’s prepared for the heavy work of the summer months—and it’s practically summer weather already. Call up Downtown Air & Heat today to schedule your maintenance appointment for your air conditioning in Winter Park, FL.

Reminders of why this is so important

  • You do not want your AC breaking down during a heat wave: Since 90° weather can strike at any time, your air conditioner must be ready to run for long periods. If it has a repair issue or excess wear on its parts—the sort of problems that maintenance inspections will catch—it has a much higher chance of stranding you in the heat when you most need it working.
  • You may already be wasting energy and money running the system: If your air conditioner has gone for more than a year without an inspection, it will begin to work less efficiently than normal as dust and age start to affect it. Your next utility bill might contain an unpleasant surprise because the air conditioner will siphon away extra electrical power. Maintenance makes sure you jump on the issues that can make your AC a money drainer.
  • You need to catch small repairs before they become big repairs: Often, repair problems in an AC will start up without giving you an obvious sign that they’re occurring. A small leak in the refrigerant, dirt across the coils, lack of lubrication on the motors. If caught early, they are relatively simple fixes. If they reach the point where they are noticeable and affecting cooling ability, they will be more difficult fixes—and more expensive.

We don’t mean “today” in the post title as a euphemism for “soon.” We do mean today, because HVAC technicians’ schedules will start to fill up rapidly as the heat increases. Call now so you can schedule a convenient appointment for your maintenance.

Sign up for the maintenance program at Downtown Air & Heat and you’ll also receive 15% off all repairs for your air conditioning in Winter Park, FL.

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