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Serving the greater Orlando area

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Serving the greater Orlando area

24 hr Emergency Service


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How Do UV Lights Keep My Family Healthy?

We often focus on temperature control as the sole means of keeping our homes comfortable, and considering how hot our Orlando, FL summers can get, it’s not hard to see why. But we also deal with high humidity, which promotes germs, bacteria and all kinds of other problems in our home. Biological contaminants can do more than make our air feel stagnant and gross. They can foster colds, flus and all kinds of other health problems. That’s a concern to everyone, but especially those with new babies, elderly relatives or those suffering the asthma in their household. The solution to biological contaminants is a UV germicidal light, placed in your HVAC system and screening the air as it circulates through your ducts.  How do they keep your family healthy? Read on for the answers.

How They Work

UV stands for “ultraviolet,” and if you remember high school science class, you know that it’s a wavelength of light beyond our ability to see. In high amounts, it can cause sunburns, but in low amounts it’s quite harmless to humans and pets. (We even use it at rock concerts and amusement parks to make white clothes glow in the dark). Single-celled organisms, though, are utterly vulnerable to it. One touch not only kills them, but prevents them from replicating, and when placed in your duct system, the UV light ensures that they can’t escape.

Scrubbing the Air

Every filter, no matter how fine, has spaces for the air to pass through, which means that germs can pass through as well. But there’s no escaping from light. The system sends a sheet of light across the width of your ducts, from one end to the other. As your heating or cooling system runs, the air cycles through it, gradually scrubbing your household air clean and improving your family’s health in the bargain.

Call Downtown Air and Heat to install or repair a UV light. 

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