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Serving the greater Orlando area

24 hr Emergency Service


Serving the greater Orlando area

24 hr Emergency Service


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Heating Systems for Your Business

When you install heating in your home, you only have the needs of your family and occasional guests to worry about. When you install heating for your business, you have a much larger group of people to provide for: employees, customers, clients, etc. Picking out the right heating system in Orlando, FL for a business takes a great deal of thought, since it will have a large impact on daily operations.

Downtown Air & Heat stays current with commercial HVAC technology, so we are in an excellent position to help you find the right heating for your business. Here’s a short list of some of your options for commercial heating. Our NATE-certified heating technicians can install whatever system you need, and they will help you make the best choice.

Heat pump

Heat pumps have been popular for commercial use for years, long before they moved into the private sector. A heat pump has the advantages of taking care of heating and cooling with one system—no need for a separate AC and heater. Heat pumps sometimes struggle with temperatures below freezing… but that’s unlikely to occur in Orlando.

Ductless mini splits

If you are constructing a new space for your business, you may want to go with ductless mini splits, which eliminate the need for building ductwork into your designs. Ductless mini splits work the same as heat pumps, except they use separate blower units to distribute air, rather than ducts. This means that your employees can adjust the individual blower units to suit their own needs without having to change the temperature of the entire workspace.

Central furnaces

The traditional standby for most businesses is a central furnace—either gas or electric-powered—hooked up to ductwork. Furnaces remain common today because of their effective heat and the high temperatures they can reach. Furnaces are flexible; an installer can almost always find one to match a business’ needs.

Because your business space is likely much larger than your home, you need to have specialists perform a heat load calculation to determine the specific needs for heating. This involves numerous factors, including heat loss and gain through windows and the amount of heat the lights and other appliances radiate. With the right professionals on the job, you will end up with the perfect system for your business.

Contact Downtown Air & Heat today to get started with finding your ideal comfort for heating your business in Orlando, FL.

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