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Serving the greater Orlando area

24 hr Emergency Service


Serving the greater Orlando area

24 hr Emergency Service


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Common Signs You Need Your Heater Repaired

We’re getting into the latter half of heating season here in Orlando, FL and soon enough, it will be time to turn off our heaters and turn on our air conditioners. This is usually the time when breakdowns strike your heating system, as regular use can take its toll and leave you without reliable heating during the mild days and chilly nights still to come. The sooner you can summon a repair technician to handle such breakdowns, the better. But not every breakdown announces itself so obviously, and while it’s easy to call for repairs when the system won’t turn on, it’s harder to notice the more subtle signs of a problem. Here’s a brief list for you to watch out for as winter enters its final few weeks.

  • Higher Bills. Many problems in your heater simply require the heater to expend more energy to do its job, increasing your monthly bills in the process. If your bills suddenly spike for no apparent reason, you’re likely looking at a repair issue.
  • Strange Noises. Anything that doesn’t match your furnace’s regular operation can be considered a strange noise. It can include rumbles, clangs, hums or whistles, and usually means you should shut the system off immediately and call for repairs.
  • Low Air Flow. Low air flow doesn’t sound like much, but it can be a very serious problem: lowering your system’s effectively and placing considerable strain on interior components which may overheat. It can be caused by clogged filters, broken fan motors, electrical problems or the like.
  • Low Heat. It seems obvious, but heat levels that are lower than normal can be very subtle sometimes. They can be caused by clogged burners, trouble with the fuel lines, breaches in your duct system or a number of other factors.

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