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Serving the greater Orlando area

24 hr Emergency Service


Serving the greater Orlando area

24 hr Emergency Service


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Common Air Conditioning Problems in the Spring

Although summer officially starts on the same calendar day throughout the country, the summer heat chooses its own time to debut. In Florida, this comes sooner, rather than later. During spring, you need to have any repairs necessary for your air conditioner done as soon as you can, because the summer heat waves can strike at any time. With an AC suffering from stress due to a malfunction, this can mean serious operating troubles or even a complete breakdown.

Here are a few needs for air conditioning repair service in Orlando, FL that can appear during spring. Don’t let them linger: call Downtown Air & Heat for the repair work that will prepare your air conditioner for the summer. We’re on call 24 hours a day for your convenience.

A Few of the More Frequent AC Problems Of Spring

  • Refrigerant leaking: The refrigerant inside an air conditioner does not get “used up” during operation and should not need regular recharging. However, leaking can begin to occur during the spring because of corrosion along the refrigerant line or damage to the compressor. Loss of refrigerant will lower the AC’s cooling ability, create frost along the indoor coils, and eventually damage the compressor, putting the whole system at risk. If you hear a hissing sound from the air conditioner (escaping refrigerant), spot ice along the evaporator coil, or notice a drop in cooling, call for professional repairs immediately.
  • Clogged condensate drain: The humidity of Florida makes the growth of algae a common trouble that affects drains. Your air conditioning system contains an important drain, the condensate drain that removes the excess water that forms along the evaporator coil. This water drips down into a shallow pan, where the condensate drain removes it into your standard plumbing system. During the first humidity of spring, algal growth inside the drain can lead to blockage, and soon the shallow condensate pan will overflow, leading to water damage inside your home. This is a simple problem for repair technicians to fix: they will detach the pan and the drain line and clean out the drain.
  • Ductwork breaks: Another issue from humidity that can affect your air conditioner is breaks along the ductwork. If mold and mildew begins to grow inside the ducts, it can weaken the duct material and lead to gaps and leaks. This will cause air pressure loss and lessened cooling power, and also allow contamination into the ductwork and out into your air. Find repair technician who also handle duct sealing to fix these problems. Starting summer with leaky ducts is a sure way to waste money and lose comfort.

The days of spring are running out fast. If you have a malfunctioning AC, call Downtown Air & Heat now for the necessary air conditioning repairs to fix the problem before the summer heat hits. If your air conditioner appears to be working fine, you should still give us a call to arrange for annual preventive maintenance for the system: you’ll have peace of mind all through summer that your AC is in the best shape possible.

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