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When Is It Time to Call for Ductwork Services?

Friday, March 27th, 2015

When your home’s ductwork isn’t working properly, you can have problems with both your HVAC system and your living spaces. Why? Ductwork is the highway for the air being delivered to your home, and when the air blows through your ducts, it can pick and up take with it just about anything in your ducts. The result? Poor indoor air quality and less volume of air for your home. To help combat the problems that can develop with your duct system, Downtown Air & Heat offers comprehensive duct services in Orlando, including duct cleaning, duct sanitizing, duct sealing and duct repair and replacement. When is it time to call for help with your ducts? Let’s take a look.

When your energy bills are sky high.

Have you noticed a big jump in your monthly energy costs but haven’t changed the way you use your HVAC system? This can be an indication of air loss, which is a common problem with faulty ductwork. In fact, it’s estimated that faulty ductwork can account for up to 30% of your home’s total air loss, so if you are seeing sudden, high bills, call for help today.

When you are seeing too much dust and dirt in your home.

Your ductwork can accumulate a great deal of dust and dirt, especially if they haven’t been cleaned in a long time. If the build-up is large enough, the air blowing through your vents will start to bring the excess dust and dirt with it, and deposit it into your living spaces. This can be particularly bad for allergy sufferers.

When you’ve had an infestation.

No homeowner wants to think about “things” inhabiting the ductwork, but it does happen, and when it does, the ductwork needs to be thoroughly cleaned and it’s a good idea to also sanitize. Critters and insects leave a lot behind when they take up residence in your ductwork so it’s important to remove all traces of them completely so they don’t return.

When you need any kind of duct services in Milwaukie, OR, call the people you can trust: Downtown Air & Heat.

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What Factors Are Part of a Load Calculation?

Friday, March 20th, 2015

There are a number of factors that need to be taken into account to properly heat and cool your home or business, but one of the most important of these factors is correct sizing. You may hear that all you need to know in order to correctly size and HVAC system for your home is the square footage; this simply isn’t true. Why? Every property gains heat throughout the day via a phenomenon known as heat gain, and daytime heat gain can increase the heat in your property up to 10 degrees. If you don’t account for this daytime heat gain, you could purchase and install an HVAC system that isn’t the right size. The heating and cooling experts at Downtown Air & Heat know how important it is to correctly size an HVAC system for any property, which is why we offer load calculating services in Orlando and the surrounding areas. If you are planning to install a new heating or cooling system, and need help, call us today!

Factors in a Load Calculation

No one really thinks about the various elements that may contribute heat to a given property, mostly because the focus on the main source of heating or cooling: the HVAC system. But there are a number of ways a property can gain heat:

  • Through exposed walls
  • Solar gain through windows
  • Conduction movement through doors and windows
  • Latent gains from electronics, lighting and people
  • Fireplaces

So, in order to properly calculate how daytime heat gain affects your property, the following items need to be considered:

  • The orientation of the property
  • The location
  • Climate
  • Types and number of windows and doors
  • Floorplan
  • Number of stories
  • Number of rooms
  • Number of occupants
  • Insulation levels
  • Square footage

Once all these factors have been determined, your technician can perform the calculation. The calculation will yield how much heating and cooling you’ll need, and as a result, what size HVAC system you’ll need.

A number of problems can develop when you install an HVAC system that is too big or too small for your home or business.

Contact the load calculation experts at Downtown Air & Heat today and schedule an appointment for your Orlando property!

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How an Aprilaire Air Purifier Can Benefit Your Home

Friday, March 13th, 2015

We are headed toward spring, and while we all welcome the warmer temperatures, one thing that many people don’t welcome is the new wave of allergens. Spring is the season of pollination, which can be absolute misery for people allergic to different kinds of pollen. While you can’t filter pollen from the outdoors, you can filter pollen and many other contaminants from your indoors with the installation of an Aprilaire air purifier in your Orlando home. These air purifiers integrate seamlessly with your HVAC system, and can also integrate with other existing components, such as dehumidifiers. Why consider an Aprilaire air purifier? Let’s take a look.

Aprilaire Air Purifier Options

Aprilaire has been a leader in whole-home indoor air quality products since 1954. They have several options from which to choose:

  • Model 1000 series – this model is best for the removal of dust build-up. This series removes up to 94% of mold and pollen, 72% of fungi spores and bacteria and 56% of dust and pet dander.
  • Model 2000 series – the 2000 series air purifier products are best for dust-build-up and moderate allergy issues. The 2000 series removes up to 98% of mold and pollen, 96% of pet dander and dust, 97% of bacteria and fungi spores and 75% of tobacco smoke and smog.
  • Model 3000 series – the model 3000 series of products will help moderate allergy sufferers and remove moderate amounts of dust build-up. The model 3000 series purifiers have the same effectiveness at removing mold, pollen, pet dander, dust, bacteria fungi spores and tobacco smoke as the 2000 series, but these air purifiers come with a programmable thermostat.
  • Model 5000 series – the series 5000 air purifiers are top-of-the-line. These air purifiers are best for those suffering from asthma and severe allergies, and the purifier will remove significant amounts of dust. The effectiveness of the 5000 series is: 99% of mold and pollen, 98% of dust and pet dander, 98% of bacteria and fungi, 98% of tobacco smoke and smog, 80% of viruses and ultra-fine particles.

Benefits of an Aprilaire Air Purifier

Clearly, these air purifiers can help to greatly improve indoor air quality and health, especially for the allergy sufferers in your home, but they can also:

  • Put less stress on your HVAC system
  • Help you save energy

Interested to see what an Aprilaire air purifier installation can do for your Orlando home? Call the experts at Downtown Air & Heat today and schedule an appointment.

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Can I Do My Own Spring AC Maintenance?

Friday, March 6th, 2015

Maintenance for your air conditioner is important, and because it is important, you should always hire an expert to perform your spring air conditioning maintenance in Orlando. Our technicians get asked a lot by homeowners if they can perform the maintenance on their AC, and our answer is this: unless you have expert knowledge about your air conditioning system, including expert electrical knowledge, it’s always best to hire a trained professional to do the work. It’s hard to gain the benefits a maintenance appointment has to offer when the work is done by an amateur; you also run the risk of damaging your system and causing some serious problems. The bottom line? Always call an expert, like the ones at Downtown Air & Heat, to perform all work done to your AC, including maintenance.

What Does a Professional Have That I Don’t?

Here are some reasons why calling an expert is always the best idea:

  • Knowledge and experience – air conditioning professionals do this kind of work every day, so they know exactly what to do and what to look for, no matter the job.
  • Training and certification – your air conditioner is a complex electro-mechanical device; as such, it’s important to have someone with the right training and certification working on your system.
  • Specialized tools – professionals have all the tools they need at their disposal, and many of these tools are specialized; this means there is a good chance you won’t have the same tools readily available.

What Benefits Does Maintenance Offer?

Wondering why maintenance, performed by a professional, is so important? Here are some reasons:

  • Better comfort – maintenance is a full tune-up for your air conditioning system, and when the system works optimally, it won’t have any trouble reaching your desired indoor temperature.
  • Better energy efficiency – your AC was made to operate at a specific level of energy efficiency; when the system is carrying wear and tear from last year, it can be hard for the system to achieve optimal energy efficiency.
  • Prevents repairs – part of the maintenance appointment involves the thorough inspection of your air conditioning system, which allows the technician to find existing and developing problems; this helps get you ahead of potential repairs.

To ensure that you gain the benefits of spring air conditioning maintenance in Orlando, it’s critical to hire a trained professional for the work.

The experts at Downtown Air & Heat are here to assist, so if you are ready to schedule spring maintenance for your AC, call us today!

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